Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learning circles

Learning circles were established by taking a survey before the workshop began. I.D. badges labled the participants by color so participants could find others with similar attitudes.

Discussions about the various aspects of professional development continued beyond the workshops.

Jewelry making

Sharon Massey taught the fundamental skills involved in the fabrication of jewelry. The participants designed their own projects and were introduced to cold-connections, soldering and metal piercing forming.


Judy Thurston taught basic watercolor techniques throught the art of the still life. Increasing the range of colors available through the use of glazing was a new idea for most of the participants.

Grant Writing

Carolyn Damstra, program manager for Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, encouraged educators to boost their art curriculum by applying for "Arts and Learning" grants.

Visual Thinking

Dr. Bill Charland taught educators how to increase academic achievement scores through the use of Visual Thinking strategies. It is a technique that develops higher level thinking skills through looking and talking about art. VTS engages students in art through facilitated group discussions and writing assignments.

Books 2: Me and My Mica

Beautiful dos-a-dos book were created with layered mica sheets. The books were bound with hand painted and stamped material and stitched with contrasting threads.

Think Big, Work Small: Exploring Large scale Collaborative Projects

Cara O'Brien has been the artist behind 4 large scale projects in Newaygo County Schools. She taught participants how to use individual art assignments in combination to make a group project. Participants created a plaster mold and then cast paper to make an installation.